10 excellent online tools for marketing your business

10 excellent online tools for marketing your business

For an advertising strategy, social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effective way. In order to market your business in social networks you will need graphics.  Graphics consist of images, text and icons .  The following list of online or web based apps will help you create those graphics.  Some tools are easier to use than others and the more complex tools afford more control on the end result.



Layers, filters, color adjustment and more.  Its free (banner ad supported) and does not require registration.

In my opinion its only downside is that it requires Adobe Flash plugin, which means you are out of luck on mobile or if your computer does not have the plugin.  The Pixlr team has however created tools for mobile and desktop that don't require the Flash plugin, such as Pixlr X (pixlr.com/x)



Beginning Photopea is quicker than beginning Photoshop and it looks - other than the Ads-Bar on the right - natural. No requirement for documentation, no compelling reason to think about what's going on with everything and where. Phenomenal. 

I immediately made my first archive and began with what's the most significant for me: The Brush.

It does not require any plug-ins, although I found Pixlr more responsive than Photopea.



Canva is simpler than Pixlr and Photopea and its more geared towards creating graphic for social media.

Canva is an easy to use design app that makes it workable for organizations, advertisers, bloggers, and others to make eye-getting pictures without visual computerization experience. 

The online plan arrangement offers clients a wide exhibit of highlights, including simplified structure creation, quality photos and delineations, designs, and textual styles. With this apparatus, clients can take their thoughts and transform them into a plan that would then be able to be printed, downloaded, or shared via web-based networking media.

Gravit Designer


Gravit creator is a full-included, vector illustrations plan answer for item fashioners, visual originators, and website specialists. The program gives a lot of useful assets that help the client to release genuine inventiveness in planning delightful and itemized vector symbolism. The devices incorporate structure, vector, format, accuracy, style, content, content, and some more. 

With devices, for example, UI plan, symbols, illustrations for showcasing instruments, making cool idea craftsmanship, movement, or introduction, Gravit Designer is without a doubt able to reform the manner in which you work. Furthermore, this cross-stage application is totally allowed to utilize. It can keep running as an in-program or a work area application and works easily on Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac gadgets.

It is very much geared towards creating social media graphics.

Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark puts page and designs creation under the control of non-experts and unpracticed web clients. The outcome? Anybody can make amazing single-page sites and illustrations, introductions, recordings, or online networking pictures. 

It includes: social media graphics, very light video editing, small web page creation.  It's available via its website and mobile apps. 

This free plan comes with everything you need to get started using the platform. You can create stories and projects on multiple devices, but these projects will display the Adobe Spark logo and branding.

If you want to replace the Adobe Spark logo with your own, then you will want to consider their paid plan.



When you need placeholder text, lipsum.com is the place to go.

You can choose how many paragraphs you want, whether you want it to be formatted as a list and how many words you want. The instructions can be changed into nearly 40 different languages.




Vectr is a free online graphics app used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. It's a simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool to bring your designs into reality.



Paletton allows you to create color schemes for your project, website or graphic.  The Paletton website can be a great place to go for inspiration and details for a cohesive look.

Subtle Patterns


This website feaures a large gallery of images that can be used as background images, subtle background images.  You can test it out on their website and then download the image.

What The Font!


When you need to identify a font fast, WTF! has what you need.  Just upload an image with text and watch it identify the font.