How does Craigslist Make Money

The craigslist service entered 1995 produced by Craig Newark, it started out a message list of pals that featured local even in San Francisco Bay Area. It became an internet based service after having a year and possesses grown to expand to different cities and countries. 

The site has over 20 billion view on a monthly basis rendering it as the 33rd most viewed website across the world and 7th through the US. Craigs list 80 million new advertisements every month it is the best choice in classified service due to the industry. It received a couple of million job listings monthly so that it is as among the top job boards around the globe. It's got different categories which you could put your posts from trade to dogs to jobs and also real estate property. 

What makes Craigslist Generate profits 

It has become a controversial topic to many people because most will wonder "so how exactly does craigslist makes money?" because they offer free posting on classifieds. One has to only go the craigslist homepage to see that not all posts are for free some have to have a fee which needs to be paid per posting. Samples of necessities such as $75 per post in the Bay area San Francisco Bay Area. Some areas like Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Portland, Sacramento and North Park are just a some of the cities this charge $25 for job postings. That means that whenever they should post any extra job then there is another fee to pay. If you still wonder how does craigslist earn money then wonder forget about, with more than Two million job posts on the spot a month I'm certain how the site has become profitable to keep in the business. 

Also, in NYC there exists a fee of $10 for posting apartment rentals from brokers and posts for therapeutic services charges $10 per post and more for reposting it. 

All job posts expire between 30 and 45 days depending on the city. That means that there is a consistent flow of income due to the reposting of ads monthly. The site has been able to create a strong foundation on its income and it seems that there is no need to question so how exactly does craigslist make money? 

Since craigslist is a free service users are first cautioned against posting their personal information on the website.  For example, no email or telephone. As some utilize this to take advantage of users who respond by gathering information which can be then used in order to scam or get unwanted telemarketer calls later on. 

Also, be cautious with the buy and sell category while making purchases you have no chance to look for the authenticity in the products, so prior to you buying seek advice from the owner and try to obtain a warranty or request to meet in public areas to look at the object.