New Website!

New Website!

Yes, we have a new site.
Its HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX powered!!!!!!!!!!

About time we changed the site from Flash based to pure HTML.

HTML 5 is the new revision of the html standard.  In essence it allows more without plug-ins.  Video, audio and more are possible with HTML5 natively within the web browser.  As we expand our website we will keep adding HTML5 features to it.

HTML5 on its own cannot be used for animation and interactivity — it must be supplemented with CSS3 or Javascript.

While HTML5 creates the skeleton of the website, CSS3 is its skin and muscles.  Allowing to describe the look and formatting in new ways, CSS3 allows us to do things that were only available via graphic files or plug-ins, this saves bandwidth and makes sites faster.  CSS3 introduces animation into the equation allowing more interactivity and better presentation.

Javascript is the soul of our website.  Using Javascript to dinamically load content without reloading the whole page speeds up the experience.  Javascript also allows for additional interactivity such as searching within a list, text messaging, draging elements in a page and more!

UPDATE: added mobile version! iPad runs the desktop version sans the flash playlist because of the larger screen and lack of flash.  Phones run the mobile version.